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Guest Article: Nicola Reid - Quick and Easy Business Start-Ups

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Always a pleasure to include articles from guest writers. This is from Nicola Reid Business4Today with helpful tips if you are thinking of starting your own business.

Quick and Easy Business Start-Ups

London is home to the most significant number of small and medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom. In 2020 there were over 1 million of these enterprises. If you want to join them, the following information can help. Discover the easiest businesses to start, and learn how to write a business plan, register a business, and recruit new employees.

Ideas for Businesses That Are Easy To Start

The following businesses fit the bill if you're looking for a business you can start quickly, easily, and at a low cost.

Residential cleaning services. Londoners work some of the longest hours in the United Kingdom. Maintaining a clean home is no easy task. That's where you come in. You only need some basic cleaning supplies, transportation, and knowledge of cleaning products and procedures.

Delivery services. The boom in online shopping has created a surge in demand for courier services. You'll need excellent driving and organizational skills, a clean license, and a suitable vehicle to start a courier business.

Event planner. Hotel chains, corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies require event planners. Having a keen eye for detail, excellent organizational and planning skills, and the ability to communicate effectively could make you the perfect event planner.

Tour guide. London attracts around 30 million tourists each year. If you enjoy talking to people and have a vast knowledge of the capital, you're the ideal person to show these tourists some of London's most famous landmarks.

Writing a Business Plan

Your business plan should define your company's goals and how it will achieve them. An executive summary, products, services, a marketing strategy, and a budget are essential parts of a good business plan.

A business plan is essential for new start-ups and is often required by banks before they consider providing funding. No two business plans are the same, but all should have certain things in common, such as their key elements. The document should be between 15 and 20 pages and contain as much detail as possible while remaining concise.

Registering Your Business

The name of your business defines your brand and makes it stand out from competitors. Choose a unique name that appeals to your target audience. Before registering your business, you'll need to check the name hasn't already been taken. If you're struggling to develop a name, use a business name generator.

With the name sorted, it's now time to decide on an official company address. Next, choose a SIC code for your company, and appoint at least one director. After outlining your proposed company share structure and nominating your company shareholders, you sign a compliance statement. Finally, a company formation fee is paid.


As your business grows, you may need to hire new employees. Looking through numerous profiles and screening skills is time-consuming. A simpler and quicker approach is to hire a recruiting agency that can connect you with high-profile individuals.

All Set To Go

You don't need to spend a lot of time or money setting up a business. You're all set to go as long as you have a worthwhile idea, a business plan, and knowledge of registering a company.

Nicola Reid



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