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GUEST AUTHOR: How to Stay Positive in a Negative World (Divinitions)

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

An absolute pleasure to welcome DIVINITIONS to contribute to my featured articles. Please do click their link to visit this positive site full of ways to stay strong.

The times are dark and taxing, however, it is not difficult to learn and make an effort on how to stay positive in a negative world. It can be quite a task to stay positive and optimistic in a world that has to offer so much negativity and hard times. It could take the best of anybody and take a toll on their mental health as well.

The thought process of a human being works in a way where they are naturally bound to incline towards the negative aspect of a thing. Past traumas, the surroundings, and the daily news updates about what is happening across the world can deteriorate the brain even more.

How To Stay Positive In A Negative World

In this article, a few simple yet very fruitful and constructive ways on how to stay positive in a negative world have been mentioned. Taking these into account can make a considerable change in the life of a human being and help them to stay positive.

  • We tend to get directly influenced by people we surround ourselves with. Therefore, it is important to stay around people that match our personality and push us to do better in life and eventually look at things from an improved and positive perspective.

  • We should be able to resonate with the people we stay with. There should be an easy, comfortable flow of communication, trust, and loyalty. Only once the people in our life will have a positive impact on us, will we be able to stay positive in a negative world.

  • Exercising for the well-being of the body and meditation for the well-being of the mind and the soul is highly crucial. Exercising and eating healthy helps us to remain fit, which directly influences our mind, keeping us fresh and rejuvenated.

  • Meditation, on the other hand, is extremely crucial to free our minds of any negative thoughts that may reside in it. A good exercise, a nice mediation session, and the correct sleeping cycle can do wonders for the person and make them feel optimistic about things around them.

  • Do things that the heart desires. Fulfilling hobbies, learning a new craft, spending quality time with people we love and hold dearest to our hearts, indulging into a good meal, dozing off to the pages of a favorite novel, taking an evening walk in the park, going on a trip with the friends, giving out small tokens of thanks and appreciation and many more similar things can help a person vastly and guide them on how to stay positive in a negative world.


A positive perspective can be found in every negative situation. It is important to have a better and improved outlook on life to love the things around us, a little more. It is important to start our days every day on a positive and healthy note in order to set the right tone for the rest of the day. The times may be hard at some point in time, but it is never constant and one can be always hopeful for good and better changes.

Divinitions is all about promoting well-being and healthy habits because we believe by doing so, each and every one of us can unlock our highest self. You can follow us on Instagram @divinitions333

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