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Note that these accompany specific webinars and while they can be used by anyone, they may not make complete sense on their own.


Skills: Special workshops

Term 2 Presentation

Skills: Slides

Term 2 Presentation

Skills: Vocal coaching pack

Career Booster 1: Soft Skills Hard Results

Career Booster 2: Presentation skills

Career Booster 3: Build resilience for success

Career Booster 4: RESILIENCE!

Career Booster 5: FUTURE PLANNING!

Workbook 1: Resilience & Happiness

Workbook 2: Managing stress & anxiety

Workbook 3: Effective Decision Making

Workbook 4: Be a creator

Workbook 5: Navigating Change

Workbook 6: Strengths & Skills

Term 2. Wkbk1: Learn to BE well

Term 2. Wkbk2: Anchor or weight?

Term 2. Wkbk3: Build a network you can trust

Term 2. Wkbk4: A future forward mindset

Term 2. Wkbk5: overcome barriers & setbacks

Term 2. Wkbk6: Be the person you choose

Workbook 7: Relating to relationships

Workbook 8: Managing time and programme reflection

Term 2. Wkbk7: Self compassion

Term 2. Wkbk8: Value & Integrity

Term 2. Wkbk10: Flourish

Term 2. Wkbk9: Find Joy


Episode 1:

Episode 2:


5th July Webinar: Managing anxiety


2. MY WORRIES: Please click this link to visit SHARON LAWTON's page for the "My Worries" worksheet for children

12th July Webinar: Resilience Building

1. The SPICES wheel for self compassion

2. Live your VITALS for authenticity

3. The COACHING WHEEL for goal attainment

4.  The FEELING SAFE SUN for emotion management

5. The STORYBOARD for motivation and future planning