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 Award-winning business author and broadcaster

Leadership trainer and Performance coach

Keynote speaker



While writing up, one of my most inspirational roles was programme managing within Further Education where a lot of my learners were adults returning to academia and following graduation I stayed in professional development as a trainer with the NHS obtaining my coaching qualification

I'm Dr Audrey Tang and I'm a writer, broadcaster and chartered psychologist from the United Kingdom.

Having qualified as a teacher I spent 4 years as Head of Drama and then Head of Psychology prior to the opportunity to do a PhD.  I researched the emotional management (“Emotional Labour”) expected of client-facing professionals (eg. Teachers, Nurses…) and how these demands (above the technical skills) could result in burnout if not supported by the organisation. 


In 2014 I took the plunge going freelance, and alongside that wrote my first book “Be A Great Manager Now” encapsulating both my experiences and soft skills workshops. This opened the door to many media opportunities including becoming the Resident Psychologist on Sky’s Chrissy B Show, and Co-Anchor on Sports Recap also on Sky; and now I run my own livestream studio "Wellbeing Media" showcasing all things mental health and wellbeing

My subsequent books - the "Head Heart Gut" trilogy of leadership comprising The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Resilience shifted my focus to the emotional support part of my thesis and I love that my current repertoire not only consists of workshops, articles and expert comment on professional growth, but being mentally and emotionally healthy as well. 

Outside my day job I get involved with charities and social enterprises, as not only do they allow me to give back to my community and raise awareness, but I've been able to do things I never thought I would such as a 24hr open water swim relay, walking on fire, and rabble rousing teams of friends to commit to distance or step targets.  Since 1993 I have also produced, directed and performed in shows and run wellbeing performing arts workshops though my community group CLICK Productions, offering opportunities to perform, building confidence and self value, teaching skills and supporting local and national causes.  Since 2023, and thanks to a family legacy donation, I established the CLICK Arts Foundation which gives grants to fund grassroots projects to advance drama, dance, singing, music, and the visual arts for the public benefit in the Midlands region.
...and I also make time for a good Netflix binge and watching Great British Menu!


If you're looking for my CV with qualifications and details about professional work experience then please follow the link below.

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