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Harnessing the Power of Words for Charity

Updated: Jul 4

Our Charity, CLICK Arts Foundation is thrilled to announce the headline sponsor for their Charity Show at The Place to raise awareness of World Suicide Prevention Day is The Pearson Business Book Club.

On September 12th raising money for The Samaritans, and CLICK Arts Foundation - The CLICK Trustees and In-House Burlesque Dance Squad are collaborating with London Comedy Club Groovie Comedy, and a fabulous line up of speakers including: Andy Pierce (BBC Leicester and founder of mental health charity The Pierce Perspective); Dark Sugar, drag queen and host; Kezzabelle Ambler, Performance Poet; and the Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust Suicide Prevention Team for a Variety show at The Place, Bedford.

We are beyond thrilled to have secured headline sponsorship from a global name - The Pearson Business Book Club – who celebrate and promote the power of the written word in giving leaders the tools to thrive, which means that ALL ticket proceeds can go to the two charities with the raffle supporting The Samaritans and The Pierce Perspective

Donate a raffle prize?

Our call for raffle donations has also been wonderfully successful as Pearson Business Book Club will donate 10 copies of my “Head Heart Gut” trilogy of Leadership”, with Cryohub Bedford offering a £50 gift voucher; Ohio Radio Station Speak Up Talk Radio who runs both The Firebird Book Awards, and The Positive Podcast Awards have offered one free entry into both awards groups; and Landscape Architect and Master Planner John Goldwyn founder of Architectural Studio Wild 15 has offered a landscape consultation and design report (normally worth £1000) – John has come from being the Vice President of luxury hotel design firm WATG, London.  There’s still room for a couple more prizes, if local businesses are interested in making a donation.

The arts can do more than raise money

The World Health Organization promotes engagement with the creative arts as hugely beneficial to our mental health and wellbeing and their research since 2019 has demonstrated “…innovations incorporating the arts and health have been used to enhance physical and emotional support for resilience and wellbeing in communities, complementing and supporting therapeutic, rehabilitative and preventive efforts, increasing awareness of health and contributing to emergency preparedness…” with a 2022 paper by Davico et al stating “The creative expression that accompanies the art process is an engaging emotional experience that can powerfully contrast with the implicit destructiveness of suicide behaviors…there is clear evidence that art interventions can support mental health since they facilitate dialogue, reduce stigma, and enhance expression, coping skills, empathy, and personal and cultural resonance, all of which address risk factors for suicide. They can also…enhance belonging and protect against suicidal ideation.”

The power of writing

Amer Parikh of Pearson Business Book Club said “With the theme for World Suicide Prevention Day being “Creating Hope Through Action” we’re delighted to be part of such an important message as this fundamental to our work.  At Pearson, we aim to solve the skills challenge and empower future generations of workers by seeing education as a lifelong adventure. The Pearson Business Book Club supports and enriches every step of one’s working life by sharing transformative ideas from our renowned authors for personal and professional development.

Every month, we select one of our business or personal development books and host a FREE live webinar with the author. This event is part discussion, part masterclass where audiences have the opportunity to learn more about the author and why they wrote the book, and then watch a masterclass where the author shares the game-changing and practical solutions from their book with a Q&A.”

The power of words is a key theme within the evening with Kezzabelle Ambler, 11th Bard of Northamptonshire running a micro “Weaving Words” workshop encouraging the audience to express themselves through creativity, and many of the speakers and performers would agree that writing is a healthy way to release emotion.

Tickets available soon

The event also features a Burlesque performance and workshop from CLICK’s in-house squad who run sexual wellbeing events – notably recently recognised in the 2024 United Nations State of the World Population Report, as well as dance regularly for their own confidence, health and social wellness – and with them Mixologist Mike Grant (also a worker in the care profession) will talk about informal therapy as well as give a (non-alcoholic) mixology demo.

Tickets will soon be on sale for this uplifting collaboration of the creative and performing arts, held at The Place, Bedford, on Thursday September 12th.

To donate a prize email

To sign up for the Pearson Business Book Club mailing list for their FREE webinars: Pearson Business Book Club | Pearson UK

Dr Audrey Tang is a chartered psychologist and award-winning business author and charity founder. She runs Wellbeing Media Studio, hosts Mental Health Matters on e360tv, and produces Skits and Quibbles: the arts and wellness show - giving upcoming performers the chance to shine - on the same network via her studio. As a performance coach, she delivers training and keynotes in the areas of Public Speaking, Wellbeing in Leadership and organisations, Team co-hesion, and shimmies her stuff on the dance floor every Wednesday teaching Burlesque.

To donate to CLICK ARTS FOUNDATION reg charity 1203549 and find out more:


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