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Positive psychology supports traditional mental health interventions and includes "happiness" and "wellbeing" as a treatment goal. Rather than aiming for the "absence of psychopathology", or reduction of the symptoms of stress and mental illness, the future-oriented positive psychology approach is for everyone and seeks to move anyone who wants to grow beyond "normal" encouraging you to thrive.

Where psychology seeks to explain behaviour, coaching gives you practical tools to help you make the changes you want.  BUT how often do you do it - or maintain it? Positive psychology techniques which focus on instilling a sense of overall strength, resilience and optimism, give you the additional boost from "I know I could..." to "I can and I will!", from "Others say I'm great" to "I know I've got this!" Its focus on "soft health drivers" - kindness, gratitude, friendship and overall quality of life - flourishing - enhance the effectiveness of the classical approaches to change, cure and prevention, and can also be practised as a precaution to mental and emotional concerns. Applied positive psychology is not about "learning to cope", it is empowering, invigorating and practical, and combined with traditional methods empowers you achieve your goals - and love every second.  It is not just about wellbeing, but learning to BE WELL.

I'm a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), and author of The Leader's Guide to Resilience (prev. The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness; Be A Great Manager - Now) with a practical focus on self improvement.  I am the resident psychologist on The Chrissy B Show (Sky) the UK's only TV programme dedicated to mental health and a presenter with DisruptiveTV. I regularly give psychological comment to TV, Radio and published media, and am an International Speaker and Keynote in the fields of mainstream Mental Health and Wellness in Leadership.  My podcast "Retrain Your Brain" helps you reframe unhelpful thinking, and as a Psychological Consultant, member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) and FIRO B profiler, I give exclusive CPD accredited Masterclasses, Webinars and Leadership Coaching.

In all my work I use practical positive psychology techniques and exercises to help you create a buffer to support you in the dips of life's rollercoaster.  My self improvement coaching tools WITH the addition of positive psychology soft health drivers (inc. focusing on healthy relationships, gratitude and flow) help you know what to do and make the mindset shifts you need motivating you from "thinking" the healthy thing - to doing it! And, I don't want you to return to me as a client - you need to know you have the ability to use what you've learned as you live your best life.  Of course for that extra support you have free access to my masterclasses, blog articles and podcasts which recap many of my best exercises.

For tailored support, I'd be delighted to hear from you for 1-2-1 coaching, expert comment/consultancy or if you need a wellbeing speaker or session, or try the next best thing - my books, which walk you through the tools and leave space for you to return to reflect.


Resilience & the Art of Being Well (2021)

The Leader's Guide to Resilience (2021)

The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness (2018)

Audrey also writes for the Deepstash self improvement app

Be a Great Manager Now (2016)



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