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Rather than aiming for the absence of stress and mental illness, (which of course is important, and there are people more appropriate for that than I), I prefer a future-oriented positive psychology approach, building mental health and emotional fitness with practical exercises and tools, outside the point of crisis and encouraging you to flourish.

Get ready to grow beyond "OK"! 💚

Think of positive psychology exercises as "Mental Health Maintenance".  In the same way as you work on physical strength, you can build mental and emotional strength so it's there when you need it most.

Positive Psychology tools can also compliment traditional therapeutic interventions. The simple practical interventions & exercises nurture your sense of self-efficacy and inner strength to buffer against stress, help you heal, and then thrive beyond ordinary.

I help you build your mental and emotional capability to not just survive but thrive, raising awareness of wellbeing though my writing, talks and training.

I'm a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), and author of The Leader's Guide to Resilience (prev. The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness; Be A Great Manager - Now) with a practical focus on self improvement.  I am the resident psychologist on The Chrissy B Show (Sky) the UK's only TV programme dedicated to mental health and a presenter with DisruptiveTV. I regularly give psychological comment to TV, Radio and published media, and am an International Speaker and Keynote in the fields of mainstream Mental Health and Wellness in Leadership.  My podcast "Retrain Your Brain" helps you reframe unhelpful thinking, and as an experienced Psych teacher,  member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) and FIRO B profiler, I give exclusive CPD accredited Masterclasses, Keynotes, and Webinars.

Including a "tabletop escape room", "leadership aerobics", and many more far less strenuous psych interventions (check out my videos) - I give you the "HOW TO" as well as the "you could..."

In all my work I use practical positive psychology techniques and exercises to teach you to build your happiness, resilience and self-efficacy from the ground up.  My self improvement coaching tools are freely accessible include my masterclasses, blog articles and podcasts all

Bespoke support includes teaching, expert comment, workshops & talks, or try the next best thing - my books, which walk you through the tools and leave space for you to return to reflect.


Speaking, Expert Comment and Media enquiries: audrey@clickproductions.co.uk

Sitting in the “sweet spot” between academic knowledge and accessibility in an engaging manner.  My teaching qualification helps me not only express theory and concepts to all levels, but design practical tools to really intervene and offer hands-on options rather than simple “expert tips”.

Resilience & the Art of Being Well (2021)

The Leader's Guide to Resilience (2021)

The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness (2018)

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The Leader's Guide to Resilience is a Firebird Book Award Winner 2021, in Business, Leadership & Motivation. Listen to my interview with Pat Rullo, Speak Up Talk Radio HERE

Be a Great Manager Now (2016)

Audrey also writes for the Deepstash self improvement app

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"Don't Diet Lose Weight"


The Chrissy B Show, Sky190 (Resident Psychologist)
NLive Radio (Northampton) Host: The Wellbeing Lounge
Disruptive TV (host)
Podcast: Retrain Your Brain (Presenter)


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