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New Title for 2020

The Leader's Guide


While mindfulness calmed you

Resilience will arm you

I'm the author of "Be a Great Manager Now", "The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness" with "The Leader's Guide to Resilience" due in 2020 (Pearson Publishing House).

I'm delighted to speak, write or deliver training on any area of my publications.

Please contact me for expert comment or articles on Psychology and Wellbeing including:

- Stress Management

- Mindfulness

- Resilience

- Relationships

- Organisational behaviour

- Thriving

- Motivation

All talks and workshops can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Please contact me to discuss.

Kuala Lumper Book Launch, UBSM
Disruptive Live: The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness
EBBC PODCAST: The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness
COMING SOON: The Leader's Guide to Resilience

I am the resident psychologist on The Chrissy B Show (Sky191) and regularly appear in the media to discuss psychological topics.  

I also deliver CPD accredited talks, and training to organisations, universities and conferences.


"Psychology Matters" On The Chrissy B Show, Sky 191
Applied mindfulness Workshop: Melaka Museum, Malacca

I deliver CPD accredited training and lectures on personal development and performance (including leadership, teams, and wellbeing at work) as well as offer psychological consultancy and coaching.

I also design and licence training programmes for your own use within your organisation.

CONTACT ME to see how applied psychology can support you.

Clients include:

My articles and "Help from Home" video series to help build resilience and promote healthy practices before the point of crisis

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