I'm delighted to be the resident psychologist on the Chrissy B Show's "Psychology Matters" segment, My Channel (Sky191).  The Chrissy B show is the only UK TV Programme dedicated to mental health and wellbeing.

Airs: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10pm

"Test the Trend" - a new segment on The Chrissy B Show where I, along with my dog Brandy, get the lowdown on what you're up to out there!

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A fabulous opportunity to talk about my eclectic training - "leadership aerobics", "escape rooms" and wellness.  

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Getting "Down to Business" with NewsTalk discussing the benefits of Mindfulness, even for the most cynical of businesses.

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A light hearted interview with Sue Dougan of Track Record on Share Radio - learn some of my darker secrets, as well as listen to my life soundtrack! (Filter by program: Track Record)

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Great chat about how mindfulness can help balance demanding professional personal lives.

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Catch my interview with Pat Rullo, as part of Speak Up and Talk Radio's author series.

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I am available for expert comment on all areas pertaining to Wellbeing





My YouTube channel and weekly resilience building show 

Resilience keeps you going - and it's never too early (nor too late) to start building it!  Through this channel, children can be encouraged to enjoy learning and taught simple self-care and empowerment; and you are reminded how to regain control of yourselves, that it's ok to feel - and easy to express those feelings in a healthy way.

Whether you are battling mental health issues, personal or professional insecurities or simply struggling to get through the week, my team of experts and teachers are there to unlock your inner confidence and make emotional fitness accessible to all.
The Wellness League, created by Psychologist Dr Audrey Tang is registered with the UK Copyright service.

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