Well Hi!  Yes - that's me too!

Have you covered up , or forgotten your inner diva, princess or rock star...?


are other depths waiting to be unleashed?

Is there more to you than meets YOUR eye?

Sometimes you need to see what we see to believe it!

"INNER SPARKLE":  Transformational Self Image coaching package with photoshoot

6 session package to include 1 photoshoot in the style of a "Girls night in" - with photo-ready make-up and produced in my home studio.

(This specific package is aimed at women, but we don't mind!!)

Sessions 1 - 4 focus on bringing your sparkle to the fore - enabling you to shine personally and professionally.  Session 5 is our "Girl's Night In" which takes place in my home studio in Northampton with my make-up artist and photographer.  You bring the outfits which, following our sessions, you feel represent the real you and we'll do the rest.  Not only that but you get to keep all the shots (save duplicates and blurry ones!)  Why?  Because there's no photoshopping allowed!!  It's all you! Session 6 is your debrief and close with me.

This way, although we've always known you had it in you - you can see that inner sparkle for yourself!


Flagship launch offer (until Dec 31 2019):

£250pp to include the coaching sessions (face to face in Northampton or via skype), photo shoot, photos and debrief. Shoot MUST be taken in Northampton.

Full payment to be made via Paypal or bank transfer on confirmation of booking.

Letting you see what we see


"Thank you SO much for your time, and your positivity, and opening up my thinking so I can be true to myself (or at least aware when I am not! [Of the shoot] I felt perfectly comfortable, and not intimidated.  I literally can't remember ever feeling that before with a group of women ...[who are]...genuine and non judgmental."


"Wowwwwwieeee!! Thank you so much.  Truly uplifting...Finding my true smiles back!""