Welcome to the Resilience Building "Psych Lab"

Breaking through your barriers to growth

and building your inner strength to stand tall

Learn about yourself through workshops

The essence of my training is that I seek to get a feel for REAL behaviours from which I can give you feedback.  Think of my workshops as an "assessment centre day" with no consequences other than learning about yourself!

My training sessions (notably the "Tabletop Escape") include the opportunity for me to observe and discuss your performance and offer areas for reflection.  

"You can figure out people very quickly, can't you? It's an incredible skill.  Or is it a gift?"




Build a confidence mindset through coaching:  

My private client and corporate coaching sessions taken in blocks of 4 - 6 meetings in person or via Skype are always followed up with a summary to enable you to continue reflection in your own time.

"...it helps that your positivity, charm and professionalism was so engaging and a catalyst for our wide ranging and deep considerations"


"This has been an enlightening process!"


"Was a great uplifting experience!...Thank thank thank youuu!"



Rather than "30 minutes free" which achieves little, or an immediate commitment to 4 - 6 single hour sessions I offer one 90 minute session with summary report, which I will always try to schedule within 72 hours of your enquiry.  This includes the fee for the hour, plus 30 minutes extra free, but you get much more achieved in that "single session" thus optimising your time and commitment from the start.