"Don't jinx it..." I prefer "Don't be afraid to be happy!"

I am the sort of person who will open any Christmas or birthday presents early, just in case I get more and can prolong the excitement and enjoyment.  More frustratingly for my husband, I'm also the type of person who will tell friends that we've "Had an offer accepted on our dream home" (yes, I know nothing's binding until exchange, and perhaps some familiarity with the property process (including experience of being gazundered and gazumped amongst other issues) has helped), but in this case, I was determined that as it absolutely IS our "dream home", if that dream is to reach a rude awakening, I'm going to squeeze every last drop of happiness out of it that I can...and just maybe, there wi

Love, Platonic love, or "just good friends" - where do you stand?

February brought a number of requests for comments on relationships, and I wanted to post some musings on the topic of "Platonic" love (capital P). Defined more commonly now as "platonic" (small p), by which we tend to mean "just good friends" or "never going to happen sexually", I feel the true meaning of Platonic is both lost and trivialised.  If you are lucky enough to have to experienced a Platonic connection, this can be as powerful and rare as finding your romantic long-term soul-mate, lover or partner. The concept of Platonic love derives from Plato's "Symposium".  A story of a banquet where the philosophers discussed their views on love.  In simplified terms - and apologies to philos

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