"Success" may need reframing to avoid failure

Sometimes we need to see things from a different perspective. I lost weight last year.  It was intentional in that I joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers), but unplanned because there was no precipitating factor - no nasty comment, no particularly worrisome photo (no more than the last 30 years anyway!), no resolution.  I'd turned up, followed the plan, and in 6 months I'd dropped two dress sizes and 23lbs. Well done me... Or was it? Well, it was certainly hard, I had to learn to make eating choices all over again.  I tracked my food on both the WW app and "My Fitness Pal", I did the "Couch to 5k" (having given it up 3 times before, this time I repeated the "tough" weeks) - and I took the ris

Model mindfulness: 3 simple steps to making it work for you

It is my pleasure to collaborate with the inlpcentre.org to promote practical mindfulness for wellbeing. What do you mean when you say "be mindful"? The online dictionary would suggest this is being "conscious or aware", or partaking in meditation in order to enchance that awareness. It's also what my students would say. Indeed freeing the mind can help reduce stress, improve creativity, and improve compassion in itself, and thereby bring some enhancements to wellbeing - but to achieve real results in performance you need more. Awareness is not enough. It's using that awareness to take action that counts. Step 1: Awareness is of course essential If you are not aware of a problem, or perhap

The only "expert tip" you need

It is my pleasure to be invited to comment on a series of articles as a psychologist and the author of The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness.   As an academic and teacher, the dissemination of knowledge - especially on a large scale is a wonderful and welcome opportunity.  But I always have a caveat: You know yourself better than anyone.  Read widely, listen well (especially to those leading their field), but do what is right for you.  Whether you are tweaking ideas, cherry picking, or disregarding - it's not what you know it's what you do with it that counts! A great article in the Peak Health Online library reminded us that while many "influencers" are promoting their top tips for health (and

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