The danger of academic terms falling to common parlance: "Emotional Labour" a response

I read the BBC3 article on "Emotional Labour" being a key word in 2018 with interest as this was the very subject of my PhD thesis. Emotional labour was defined in the 80's in "The Managed Heart" by Arlie Russell Hochschild as the behaviour a service (customer facing) worker performs through managing his or her "...feeling to create a publically observable facial and bodily display...This kind of labor calls for a coordination of mind and feeling, and it sometimes draws on a source of self that we honour as deep and integral to our individuality." (Hochschild, 2003:7). For Hochschild, emotional labour was constructed as the outward display of emotion that fits organisational norms. Sometim

"What is the one thing you would say to your younger self?"

In an interview with Vogue, Victoria Beckham wrote a fabulous letter to her younger self and variations on this theme are not only something many have done, something we psychologists invite clients to do, and a question that has come up frequently in the interviews I've been doing to promote my latest book "The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness". So, I thought it would make an interesting subject for this, more personal, article. A lot has happened in my life this year.  Career-wise, I'm still navigating my leap into self-employment, and have been delivering my experiential style of training in a number of universities and abroad.  My current book is my second book, and I look forward to develo

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