When compassion becomes self-sabotage

In most of the articles I have read on the subject of "what is self-sabotage" the list has been similar: - Holding a negative outlook - Refusing to try anything new - An overly-critical or negative inner voice - Arrogance/refusal to reflect and learn ...and the more psychological issues of self-harm, and self-medication with drugs and alcohol - or even food! None of them mention compassion. This is probably because, at least on the face of it, caring for others is a good thing. It's lovely to think of others - if I see something nice that someone will like, I might buy it for them, or at least tell them about it. If I'm making food for a group trip I'll pack extra just in case. If I'm in l

10 things I've learned about change

I've been quite quiet for a while, proof reading my next book, developing a motivational calendar with Millennial Business Blogger Rachel Gordon, my usual Chrissy B work, and getting my backside in gear - literally. For a psychologist and development coach, one thing has always eluded me…I’m relatively confident in my successes both professionally and personally, and in general I’m happy with who I am, with one singular exception – my weight. I've always been "body confident" - or just confident in general - but I was slightly overweight as a child, more so as a teenager, and remained so as an adult – not so much that you’d worry about my health – but within the “theatrical” world in which I

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