When good employees lie you may be the cause

A white lie that has no real impact is perhaps acceptable...but what about a lie which, if everything goes "ok" doesn't matter (and you'd never even know) - but if it goes wrong, there is a lot of sorting out to do? Or worse - a lie about something where you could have provided the solution if told the truth? People sometimes ask me about my book "Be a Great Manager Now", and it's questions like: - Who are the good managers you have based the book on? - Are you a great manager? The answers to those two questions are - the book is through learning most from bad managers (including mistakes I have made myself), and through remembering to practice what I preach I am a great manager now...or at

Confidence can't be taught - but it can be built

I was having a new set of headshots done (incorporating my glasses as due to suspected sjogren's syndrome I've bid contacts a long-term farewell) and worked with the same (superb) photographer, Nick Freeman as last year.  He had taken notes from our last shoot and was putting them into action when he stopped and said "I just need to move the camera back - you're coming across more dominant than you were last year." Last year was the first year for a long time that I had professional headshots done, and last year was also when I was just coming into my own in terms of being a keynote speaker.  This year - I'd got used to it - and I hadn't even realised. One of the things my students always as

Reading, Writing and Reflection

Sort of the 3 "R"s...although, "writing" and the original "aRithmetic" never quite worked for me. I was recently asked as part of a Q&A session my 3 tips to be an author. My advice - as a non-fiction author was as follows:​ WRITE!! It’s not about getting it spot on right away – but about getting it “on”. It’s much easier to edit or make changes later, or even look at it and try something completely different…but at least you know the first choice didn’t work. Also, I never delete old writing – I save it as I can often find a place to use it later on. READ – I read a lot. It’s great to see how others explain things, or to grasp their take on concepts. There’s so much information accessible t

Just do it!!

I'm getting asked for advice more and more - which is lovely as it means I'm beginning to get known as a coach...but something I've noticed is that as much as I can tell you you're on the right track, as much as I can say I love your work, and as much as I can applaud your ambition the most important thing for you to do is TAKE ACTION. You want to write - stop worrying about whether something is "good enough" - and just WRITE - lots! You want to start a business - don't just get approval from your mum - get your name out there and SHOUT publicly about what you can do! You want to get known as a specialist - don't prove it to me - DEMONSTRATE TO THE WORLD you've got the goods! The most succes

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