Stay on track by recognising your derailment factors

Leadership derailment was defined by Furnam (2013) as the leader who is “…thrown off course” or “unable to move forward”.  Experiences of derailment may include being demoted, or failing to reach a promotion – even failing unexpectedly when it was thought that you would reach a higher position.  It occurs when a leader is unable to adapt their skills to organisational changes or demands.  It is maintained when the leader refuses to believe that such adaptive behaviour is in their power to manage. How this happens is simple - even the leaders with positive skills sets have a “dark side” which can impact the performance of their positive skills: A leader who prides themselves on integrity may

Immerse yourself in learning

I have been using the "Escape Room" as a means of team training and recruitment for a number of years now.  Teams are 'locked' in a room and have to work together to escape.  The game is mastered through CCTV with hints coming as needed, and the experience provides an unpredictable, uncontrollable, and highly enjoyable team event.  I sit with the gamesmaster and give feedback on the teams' performance, using (with permission) the recorded CCTV to spark discussion when availble.  I am the only CPD accredited training provider of this style of training, I have a portable "tabletop" version for conferences or workshops (hosting up to 80 players at one time - see video), and my training is licen

Treat unsolicited advice with compassion not crossness

Part of my job is to give advice - when I am asked. This request may come through coaching clients, training workshop requests and through my book commissions. I'm also required to comment on various mental health topics as the resident psychologist for the Chrissy B Show (Sky 203 - moving to Sky 191 from May1st 2018). ...and sometimes I am asked by friends and family. However, in the world of social media (unsolicited) advice is often given freely. While it is usually well intentioned it can leave the recipient somewhat I was posting to vent not to be told what to do. Advice givers will tend to respond - well then don't post! A recent article in Psychology Today discu

Control only what you can control

Part of living in a fast paced world is that we have the opportunity to do many things at once. Never have our minds been so filled with chances, aspirations, and options – and for those of us who thrive on the rush of activity, never have we had the occasion to do so much. However, as with all skills – everything that can be applauded has a “dark side” as well, and for the active go-getter often comes a need to control. This is not necessarily meant in the manipulative “Taylor Swift – Blank Space” sense, but rather in a need to manage everything around you just to be sure that you’ll “be ok”. While this can stem from a low self-esteem, I will reserve that for a different blog, and rather

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